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A young man discovers an alternate reality through the other side of a drain pipe. Through this he must confront himself before its too late.


A widow lives a solitaire life in a decaying old house, estranged from her children while harboring a dangerous secret in the basement.

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Deep in the heart of the Mexican desert, human traffickers will stop at nothing to hunt down the escape of a young woman.


A home invasion, a demonic cult, and all on Halloween. What else could go wrong?

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(Experimental, shot on an iPhone)

 A man wakes up in a tent with no memory of the events that happened the night before. His only clues are derived from a lost phone's random texts.



Director / Writer / Producer

Mark established Marked House Pictures in 2017 to produce and direct narrative films. Over the years he has Directed numerous films that have played in various festivals around the world. Two of his films, Coyote and Messiah, are both featured on Amazon. While Bound is streaming on multiple Indi platforms and Pipe Dream is currently in festivals.


Marked House Pictures is a production company founded in 2017 that specializes in narrative films.


Pipe Dream Review

An unsettling short film that takes viewers on a nervous journey into the mind of someone suffering from a form of shock and grief.

Bound Review

Mark Grabianowski’s 12-minute short, Bound has just set the stage for a chilling thriller.Bound feels a lot longer than 12 minutes, in the best ways. The screenplay smoothly slips in the exposition, such that the characters and their story do not feel unfamiliar.

Bound Review

Mark Grabianowski's short film is probably one of the best micro-budget titles I've seen in quite a while. It's quick, and it's deep for those who really want to consider the content. Bound is one of those movies you could debate the finer points of justice upon if you decided to really take things apart. For sure, four stars. Well done.

Bound Review

Bound is a well-made short thriller/drama that asks some serious questions to the viewer. What would you do if you were in Claire’s position? Mark Grabianowski has crafted a stellar short film, aided by some talented cast and crew members.

Bound Review

Bound takes a look at a woman's tormented soul. It explores themes of loss, hatred, family and how far a person is willing to go for justice. With outstanding acting by Dionne and an interesting plot, this achievement is worthy of a lot of praise and recognition.


As an attempt to highlight the 2018 festival submissions, the Beverly Hills Film Festival is proud to introduce COYOTE as one of the entries in the category of Short Subject.

Los Angeles-based director, Mark Grabianowski takes us behind the scenes of his new short film, Coyote.  Set deep in the heart of Mexico, Coyote is the story of human traffickers’ search for the disappearance of a young woman.


Filmmaker Mark Grabianowski’s Film Short ‘Coyote,’ Is Inspired By True Events, But Profoundly Brilliant And Unique

Mark Grabianowski’s previous film Messiah, a creepy little Halloween number, made an impression because of its professional polish, its confident command of escalating suspense, and its ability to cram a lot of information comfortably into its brief running time. This follow-up is likewise infused with a rising tide of unease and tightening tension, although it has a look and feel completely different from the previous film.


“Scary Horror Short. Messiah is very well directed, has good acting and awesome effects. Messiah will definitely creep you out!”


Filmmaker Mark Grabianowski’s ‘Messiah’ Scares Into A Frenzy Of Faith, Highlight Hollywood News

Director Mark Grabianowski’s 9-minute short film, Messiah is a cool view about the persistence of these followers, and their true meaning for knuckle-dusting our doors with pamphlets in hand.

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